Our Attachments

At Suncoast Kanga hire we have a range of attachments to help get your job done.

We use wide turf tyres on our Kanga to reduce ground/turf damage when turning in confined spaces. 


4 in 1 Bucket

Enables front blading, back blading, plus all the advantages of a regular bucket. Open jaws to dump at full height. Use jaws for stump, post and tent peg pulling; lifting; placing rail road ties and rocks; moving broken tree limbs and broken concrete etc


Post Hole Augers

200mm, 300mm & 450mm Post Hole Augers for tree planting & hole posts up to 1400mm deep. We also have an Auger Extension to dig even deeper holes up to 2000mm,


Pallet Forks

900mm - Ideal for lifting and transporting materials including fence posts, palings, mature tree roots and more.


Mulch Bucket

For handling bulky, light materials such as bark chips, mulch and sawdust quickly and easily. Straight cutting edge to scrape floors clean


3 Blade Ripper

The ripper is the ideal tool for breaking up hard rocky ground for garden beds or shallow excavations for concrete pavements etc.


Tow Hitch

For maneuvering trailers in the most confined areas, allows a zero turning point radius for most trailiers. 


Carryall Leveller

For transporting bulky items, such as paving tiles, cement bags, plants, turf and fence palings.

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